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Use Cases

We provide digital enterprise intelligence to industry-leading fortune 500 companies

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We empower your enterprise by harnessing the power of digital.

Whatever the use case, r4apps offers intelligent, digital solutions using data, technology and process.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Deliver anticipated results for mergers or acquisitions almost immediately.

Mast Data Management

Analyse data & identify irregularities, and "write back" for a single version of the truth.

Profitability Optimization & Cost Management

Analyse & optimize performance across complex enterprises, different systems, and cost centres.

Data Reconciliation

Save time and money by allowing r4apps to analyse, optimise and automate reconciliation across heterogeneous systems and data structures.

Risk Management & Regulatory Reporting

Easily collect, analyse & evaluate data from diverse systems, optimize processes to streamline risk management & reporting.

Global KPIs, Reporting Shared Services

Glean insights across any dimension; customer, product, channel, geography - from disparate systems & business entities.

Real-time Data

Gain immediate access to real-time data through r4apps' semantic parsing of data sources.

ERP & S/4HANA Transformation

Save massively on your data migration budget through r4apps innovative 4 step solutions. Read more.

Complex RPA/Intelligent Automation

Achieve RPA Intelligent automation in record time with r4apps 3 step process. Read more.

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