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Client:  A major global automotive component supplier made a large acquisition in South America.  Given its large acquisition cost, the client wanted to quickly understand what was happening to the acquired company’s order book, sales, inventory, suppliers, etc.  

The acquired company used a custom-built ERP.  Internal IT estimated many months before the parent company could get insight from the custom written system.  


Task: R4apps connected to the custom built ERP in 4 weeks to provide real time strategic and operational insight into the acquired company.


Client Value:  Full insight into the acquired company operations is very short space of time.


Similar use cases: There are many.  Usually the acquired company uses standard ERP, so full connection done in 1-5 days. 
In the M&A area, r4apps  is also used for disposals/ carveouts, particularly where the business to be disposed has never been reported on separately.  The Balance Sheet, Income Statement and key performance details are easily and rapidly re-created for potential purchasers as though they had been historically separately reported on.


With an external partner: Accenture

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