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Please read below for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

How does r4apps work?

r4apps uses leading-edge approaches such as semantic data architectures and a virtual harmonization layer to set up and change data modeling dynamically, without coding.

What data sources does r4apps connect to?

r4apps has been able to connect to all data sources that have been requested to date.

  • SAP ERPs via Remote Function Call
  • Oracle Fusion via Web Services
  • Web Services in general via WSDL or Swagger
  • ODBC or JDBC
  • Rest-API, XML, SOAP, Excel

If you don’t see a data source listed above, enquire to see if r4apps can connect.

Does r4apps offer trials?

r4apps does have demo systems that can be used to show the interface and power of the tool. We cannot allow access to these demo systems due to licensing limits on the data sources they are connected to, however. Instead, r4apps is typically used to carry out a Proof of Concept (PoC) project for a prospective customer.

What about security?

Users have complete control over access to their data. r4apps cannot access it unless the customer grants access to enable r4apps to support or act as consultants. Global tech companies have carried out extensive security assessments and all issues have been addressed.