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Overcome Data Uncertainty in ESG

Gain Certainty in Your ESG Data: Seamlessly Harmonize Disparate Sustainability Information with a Single Platform for Effortless Reporting, Monitoring, and Management.

Get Accurate ESG Data in Days, Or Less.


Simplify ESG Reporting

r4apps enables you to access information from many disparate systems, work with it as if it were one system, and automate the processes for more accurate, cost-effective reporting.


Flexibile & Faster

Save time and resources by connecting any combination of systems or databases without coding or mapping, and have the freedom to adapt to changing frameworks with ease.


Automate Processes

Business object builders enable you to define multiple steps in the solution, combine them to form processes, and automate without the need for programmers.

Use existing IT infrastructure, without the need for a significant implementation.

r4apps uses your existing digital assets, without the need for (and the risks of) a new system implementation.

Lower cost, lower risk.

r4apps is a complete, cost-effective solution to generate higher quality, more reliable ESG information by seamlessly integrating your legacy and disparate sytems, and any tools you add.



Does r4apps have the option of a trial use or sandbox application to help customers to understand the solution?

We do have demo systems that we can use to show r4apps interface and power. We cannot allow access to these demo systems due to licensing limits on the data sources they are connected to. Instead, r4apps is typically used to carry out a Proof of Concept (PoC) project for a prospective customer. This PoC includes the deployment of r4apps in the Customers data center or private cloud with connections to the customer’s data sources. We find that this makes the value of r4apps quickly and powerfully relevant to the customers as they can solve real problems that are important to them.

What data sources can r4apps connection to?

We have been able to connect to all data sources that we have been requested to date.  We tend to focus on the technologies that we utilize to connect to the data sources (or software) – rather than the type of system e.g. Oracle, SalesForce, etc.  The list below covers about 90% of the connections we have established: · SAP ERPs via remote function call (RFC) – Oracle Fusion via web services· Webservices (in general) with WSDL or Swagger · ODBC or JDBC· Rest-API· XML· SOAP· Excel, etc.

Connection to Legacy Systems: The remaining 10% of connections have been built as custom connections to old legacy systems.  For much older technologies such as EDI, we recommend 3rd party connectors that have already been built and in turn, connect those to r4apps. r4apps engineers will build the one-time connection. We charge separate fees for building connections.

How does r4apps work?

r4apps uses leading-edge approaches like semantic data architectures and a virtual harmonization layer to set up and change data modeling dynamically, without coding. No slow and expensive IT blueprint phases. Business people will be building the solution from day one. Technology agnostic – ERP, SaaS, external sources – everything is accessible with r4apps. Exploit existing assets – no need to build and maintain new data repositories.

Is r4apps secure - who has access to the application data and metadata?

The customer has complete control over access to the data. r4apps cannot access it unless the customer grants access to enable r4apps to support or act as consultants. Global tech companies have carried out security assessments only minor issues have ever been identified, and these have been addressed.

A powerful platform for to deliver the complexities of ESG reporting.