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Client:  One of the world’s 5 largest pharmaceutical companies


Task: One of the world’s 5 largest pharmaceutical companies battled to report “one version of the truth” with conflicting information and KPIs from different geographies and departments.  The client deployed r4apps in its GBS (global business services/ shared services) to connect, in a few weeks, to a myriad of sales and financial systems around the world in order to produce real-time Sales and Operational reporting against an extensive range of strategic KPIs.  A new BU structure, as well as support for end-to-end process transformation, was included in the solution.  One of the Big4 implemented the system in less than 5 weeks, allowing drill down on any dimension (region/ country/ area/ product/ category/ organisational unit/ channel, etc.) to the lowest level of detail if required.  


Client Value:  Deep insight into their Sales & Operational Performance (S&OP) was achieved in 5 weeks.  Their Global Business Service is able to produce S&OP insight on any dimension (country, region, BU, category, brand, etc), at any level.  Internal IT had never been able to deliver.


Key differentiators:  Gained in a very short time frame direct insights into connected ERPs and databases.  The internal IT solution was over a year in duration, expensive and risky.

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