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Breaking down data silos in the aerospace industry is crucial for effective development, according to an article by Aerospace Testing International. The article says, “The idea of different industries coming together has been around for a while. Sectors naturally exchange technologies, processes and ideas the more they interact. And this fosters greater overlap between sectors and also the creation of new and innovative industries.

In the distant past, the needs of farmers and merchants met to prompt the creation of banking. More recently, the meeting of medicine and technology led to the creation of wearables. And as our society becomes more global and more connected, the pace and scale of convergence are only likely to increase.

Unsurprisingly, this phenomenon has not gone unnoticed. Recent studies, blog posts and press articles have all commented on the ways in which the digital revolution is transforming long-established industries and business models. But what commentators almost always miss, is how this rush to convergence will disrupt test organizations.

Despite this, best-in-class organizations are already working to tackle the implications of convergence by creating multi-industry test platforms and partnering with and learning from other organizations with multi-industry exposure.”