You have a digital transformation opportunity. 

70% of all digital transformations fail. What are the 30% doing right?

Finally, there is a software platform that solves your digital transformation problems, simply, easily and with a real-time, integrated toolset.

Our Vision

Make Digital easy for your Enterprise

Welcome to a world where your digital transformation problems are solved as you think of them. Complex problems that would otherwise cost you months are solved in an instant. r4apps is an integrated software platform that allows your digital technologies to act and think like humans do using the true power of data, technology and process.

Our Mission

Help enterprises create a competitive advantage on the foundation of existing and emerging digital technologies

Imagine you could transform all the apps on your smartphone into one super app and that allowed you to view everything through one dynamic dashboard? That’s what r4apps can do to transform your entire enterprise. Our software platform empowers fortune 500 companies across industries to truly unlock the power of digital.

The How

We’ve developed a new, agile approach by leveraging the power of the r4apps technology which lets savvy people solve digital transformation problems, quickly and simply. 


Create meaningful data and information, in real-time.


Consume your meaningful data with existing and new technologies to solve problems. 


Compose workflows to utilize your integrated data and technology so that you can implement and scale your solution. 


Enable people to focus on what they do best – their way.

Who We Are

Founded in 2012 by a team of highly experienced software engineers from SAP, IBM and Microsoft, r4apps was created by people who wanted software to work the way people think. It combines the expertise of the best-in-class software engineering with globally-recognized digital transformation expertise, made by people with a passion for improving business, process and insight.  The technical heart of the organization lives in Germany where the platform is supported and further developed.


The r4apps global sales and marketing team covers the UK, US, Germany, France, Italy, Benelux, Canada and Southern Africa. We work with leading management consultancies to deliver the most complex components of digital transformation projects for their clients worldwide.

Leadership Team