ABOUT r4apps


r4apps is the perfect solution to the complex problem of system integration. A  highly scalable, secure data fabric solution.  It’s integration-as-a-service platform, offers a fast, cost-effective way to link data from virtually any type of application.


Authorised users can break free from data silos to gain real-time data analysis and business insight across systems and functions. Decision-makers can create new business models that meet the fast-changing needs of complex organisations, whether they are large, geographically diverse enterprises or smaller entities with complex technology estates.


r4apps Overview


r4apps is already a major challenger in platform integration for large, complex organisations.  Hosted in the cloud, on-site or as a hybrid, it offers:


  • Integrate data in days or weeks, rather than months or years
  • Significantly lower costs – typical savings are over 75%
  • Independence from IT constraints
  • Real-time access to a virtual ‘data lake’ in days, not years
  • Minimal disruption to the business or IT services
  • Include applications such as RPA, analytics
  • Integrate AI from any source such as R-Studio, Kaggle, etc.


Founded in Germany in 2012 by a team of highly experienced software engineers from SAP, IBM and Microsoft, r4apps was created by people with a passion for improving business processes and insight.


It combines the expertise of best-in-class software engineers with globally-recognised business experts in data, platform integration and business transformation to provide deep industry insight.  


The technical heart of the organisation is in Germany. The team here designed the software and delivers frequent updates, extensions and support.


The r4apps Ltd global sales and marketing team covers the UK, US, Germany, France, Italy, Benelux, Canada and Southern Africa.


We work with leading management consultancies to help them leverage the power of the platform to deliver digital transformation projects for their clients worldwide.


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