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Posted at 16:48h in News by Chris Wright

The r4apps platform had been chosen by the world’s largest BPO provider to increase innovation and help them improve their clients’ processes and systems faster, with higher quality and at lower cost.  Security of client data is critical and r4apps’ highly secure platform surpasses their stringent requirements.

Use cases include:

  1. improved analysis, insight and reporting across a diverse set of ERPs and other systems with changing business requirements (geography, business unit, product, channel, customer, etc.)
  2. integration of multiple AI/ ML and analytics capabilities
  3. risk and regulatory reporting
  4. data reconciliation across heterogeneous systems (e.g. inter-company closing adjustments)
  5. process analysis and compliance monitoring
  6. balance sheet and working capital analysis.

Client testimonials:

The business lead believes “The r4 apps platform provides agility, speed and insight into processes, which is a significant advantage for us to win new work.  It enables operational efficiency and effectiveness, allowing us to price competitively while improving margins.”

The global lead architect states “Its ease of use and no-code approach allows many solutions to be developed by business and functional experts.  These are implemented in a fraction of the time and cost of other approaches, at significantly lower risk and allows us to easily showcase innovation for our clients”.

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