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Solve your enterprise problems by seamlessly combining the integration of data, technology and process.

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Over 70% of all digital transformations fail.

Most fail because they’re reading from the same playbook; one that only has a 30% success rate. Turn the page with r4apps, and welcome digital transformation pain relief.

We’re an integrated software platform that helps you solve complex digital problems using the power of data, technology and process.


Unlock the power of your data, in real-time.


Integrate disparate, new and legacy systems.


Compose workflows and processes using disparate systems with ease.


Let people focus on what they do best.

solve digital now 

solve digital now 

solve digital now 

solve digital now 

solve digital now 

Solve complex digital transformation problems

By combining the intelligence of humans with computers, r4apps enhances the performance of your systems. 


Immediate Information & Insight

By connecting to any and all data sources instantly, in real-time with no code and no maintenance.

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Automated consolidation, cleansing, and transformation

Achieve dynamic, real-time data models ready for consumption by humans or machines

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Unrivalled Data Modelling

Process, analyse and understand data from disparate sources

Transform Data

Use intelligent tools to consolidate and transform data to establish a single source of the truth.

Harness Analytics

Model data to easily work with analytics tools to gain insight and knowledge.

Master Data Management

Easily apply your data governance & achieve enterprise wide master data management


Immediately leverage existing and new technologies

Consume dynamic data models via real time technology connections to solve problems

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  • Rapidly create real-time integrations with data and other technologies using existing standards
  • Create composite applications with aggregate data from multiple applications and data sources
  • Facilitate third party access with APIs and increase productivity across the ecosystem
Reporting Tools
Internet Of Things
Artificial Intelligence

Build and test processes

that leverage real-time information; modify, orchestrate and execute on-the-fly.

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  • Build / Upload and modify your own process with an easy interface
  • Drag and drop previously built data connections, data models and technology connection objects
  • Execute and test in real-time, modify on-the-fly

Create, manage and run functional business applications

To solve specific problems and realize business goals

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  • Synthesize the component data, technology and process objects into an operational solution
  • Scale the solution from a single instance to enterprise-wide
  • Modify the solution in real-time to respond to business and market demands
  • Template the solution for modification to similar problem solving
These are some of our success stories

r4apps turns the impossible into business realities for Fortune 500 companies

“Working with the r4apps platform is like putting glasses on for the first time - you can see”

Performance Improvement PartnerErnst & Young

“r4apps simplified and sped up our S4/HANA Finance Transformation with complex heterogeneous systems.”

L ManniCapita



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